Why Sites Prefer Prelude EDC – Part 3 – Ease of Navigation

By Editorial Team on January 19, 2022

We consistently get feedback from our clients that their sites prefer working with Prelude EDC. When sites know they will be using a preferred EDC, they are more likely to participate in a study, are better at meeting enrollment objectives, and are more likely to adhere to protocol requirements. This three-part series explores some of the reasons sites prefer Prelude EDC (see Part 2).

A major reason users prefer Prelude EDC is the ease and speed of navigation between subjects and forms. Forms are organized into form groups that match the study schedule, making navigation between them intuitive. Once a form group is selected, it only takes a click of the mouse to navigate to forms within that form group. Form pages are displayed in seconds – not minutes.

As data is entered error checks are run and fields with issues (i.e., value out of range, missing data, future dates) are flagged on the screen, alerting the user that changes may be needed. Annotations such as queries, query responses, comments, and change reasons can be entered directly on the eCRFs, eliminating the need to link to a separate system.

Navigation between subjects is similarly intuitive and speedy using the flexible and powerful List Page. To navigate to a subject, simply click on the line for that subject on the List Page. The set of eCRFs for the selected subject will appear in seconds. In addition, the List Page can be efficiently sorted by clicking on the column headers – allowing users to find what they’re looking for easily. Each line on the List Page shows the query status of the subject’s forms and the form states (In-Work, In-Review, Reviewed, Final, and Locked), so users don’t have to drill into a subject to find that information.

The Next Event feature allows users to easily see when the next subject visit for a site is scheduled to occur, and the List Page can even be filtered using defined searches. List pages are configurable for each study, allowing the most pertinent information for a particular study to be displayed in one place.

Last but not least, Prelude EDC’s main navigation bar allows switching between studies, sites, and views (e.g., Subjects, Sites, Project, and Users) with an easy click or menu option selection. No more backing out of one screen and then making multiple queries/selections to navigate to another. This makes Prelude EDC the preferred EDC for Project Managers, Monitors, CROs, and Sponsors. The ability to generate real-time reports, graphs/statistics, exports, search, and summaries is icing on the cake. With Prelude EDC there is no need to export data to another system for analysis or reporting.

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