Our Mission

Prelude is a life science software company looking to raise the bar on the clinical research experience, thus making the world safer and healthier by accelerating new product development of life-saving medicine and devices.

Our Goal

At Prelude, we believe that teams entrusting us with their studies should feel supported from start to finish. Our goal is to make the process with us as simple and straightforward as possible so that you can focus on what matters – your research.

Our Core Values

The Prelude Story

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Founded in 2003, our founders created Prelude from the ground up as a new type of electronic data capture (EDC) system – that is, with the end-user in mind while still being able to withstand the most extreme scrutiny for data, accuracy, and speed.


Over the last 20+ years, we’ve grown from a small team to a hard-working group of software engineers, customer success managers, information technologists, and professionals in sales, marketing, and finance.

Prelude’s CEO, Tommy Jackson, understands the benefit of bringing valuable, life-saving products to market more quickly. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your clinical trial management system or explore new options, Prelude’s dedicated team will provide answers, solutions, and assistance to help you meet your goals. 

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The Prelude Team


Nicole Bodle

Executive Assistant

Kathy Cuff

Chief Financial Officer

Jaclyn Granado

Product Manager

Anita Iyer

VP of Product

Tommy Jackson

Chief Executive Officer

Ann-Marie Kiser

Director of Compliance

Alex Norcross

Director of Operations

Customer Success

Beth Herold

Senior Customer Success Engineer

Areesa Mahesania

Customer Success Engineer I

Alex Peters

Senior Customer Success Engineer

Sam Tapia

Senior Customer Success Manager

Penny Vo

Customer Success Engineer II


Amanda Davitt

Front-End Developer

Vitali Litvinenka

Software Developer

Andrew Kay

Director of Development Operations

Ian Melendez

Senior Software Developer

Stew Nickolas

VP of Engineering

Katya Ortinski

Senior Software Quality Engineer

Carley Price

Senior Software Quality Engineer

Federico Rojas

Front-End Developer

Nikita Stepanov

Senior Software Developer

Ben Wasserman

Software Developer

Sales & Marketing

Will Garcia

Director of Business Development, EU, LATAM & Global Accounts

Jasmine Granado

Director of Sales Engineering

Will Harrison

Account Executive

Jackson Mazerolle

Account Executive

Kat Meyer

Senior Marketing Manager