Direct Patient Data Entry

Prelude’s ePRO mobile app enables subjects participating in a clinical trial to input data directly into Prelude’s electronic data capture (EDC) system. The ePRO solution eliminates the need for an on-site visit so that you never miss another data point from a subject again.

A male and female looking at mobile devices with Prelude ePRO Login.

Automate Subject Compliance

  • Configure auto-reminders via text or push notifications
  • Enable subjects to report real-time updates at any time from any place
  • Remotely collect data that seamlessly flows directly into Prelude’s EDC

Enhance the Subject Experience

  • Encourage subject participation with fewer site follow-up requirements
  • Satisfy subjects with a modern user interface that supports intuitive data entry elements
  • Collect data for subjects participating in any type of study – from human to animal
Man walking and inputting data into mobile device via the Prelude ePRO app.
A male and female examining data

Collect Compliant Subject Data

  • Ensure data integrity and collect immediate updates from subjects
  • Increase compliance and never miss required surveys
  • Eliminate errors associated with transcribing survey responses

“ePRO captures real-world study data straight from the source. Built on Prelude’s world-class integrated EDC platform, this app enhances the experience for all parties involved in the trial process.”

– Tommy Jackson, CEO of Prelude

Features that Seamlessly Integrate with Prelude’s EDC

Flexible Data Entry

Collect data using text & numerical fields, clocks & calendars, visual analog scales (VAS), radio options, check boxes, and media uploads

Audit Trail

Data captured is fully attributable and posted directly to the study database

Scheduled Surveys

Automated notifications help ensure that data are collected in a timely manner

Always Available Surveys

Subjects may access surveys throughout the duration of their study participation for instances like adverse events

Media Upload

Seamlessly upload photos and videos that support observations, diagnoses, and procedures


Modern user interface that allows for ease of use for any subject