Recruit and Retain Sites Easier with Prelude

Build stronger relationships with site investigators by providing them with a user-friendly and flexible electronic data capture (EDC) system. Our flexible tools & capabilities and industry-leading customer support enable you to implement solutions for any study protocol and provide your clients with an easy to use eclinical solution.

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Increase Productivity

  • Accelerate study build times with our flexible study builder and reusable forms
  • Build powerful studies by implementing automation with our robust set of edit checks and calculations
  • Provide a user-friendly platform with an online Knowledge Base, reducing time spent on training

Boost Sponsor Satisfaction

  • Build studies faster and shorten the timeline from project approval to market
  • Keep technicians happy to retain high-performing sites and smooth overall operations
  • Speed up submissions – clean data leads to faster lock, export, and submission
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Become a Prelude Partner

  • Partner with us and run multiple studies with Prelude EDC – our features and tools enable you to design and build electronic case report forms (eCRFs) for any study protocol
  • Build a professional relationship with your Prelude Product Manager and access our online Knowledge Base, making study building and conduct a breeze

Building on a legacy of innovation and reliability

Bringing CROs the Tools They Need to Succeed

Powerful & Flexible Study Builder

Harness all the capabilities of Prelude and reduce study build time by 75% with our do-it-yourself tool. No coding experience required. Build forms with an easy drag & drop interface for any data entry field type. And, reduce errors and add automation with edit checks & calculations.

Immediate Data Feedback

Streamline User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and collect feedback directly in the study database with our built-in feedback tool – leave unmanageable spreadsheets and long email threads behind.


A monitor’s time is valuable. Save time and stay focused on the task at hand with integrated monitoring tools that enable monitors to quickly identify the state of forms and queries so that they can take action as needed and view summaries to get a real-time view of the study’s state.

Configurable for All Workflows

Whether you have one study or a dozen, we offer you the tools to make your projects more efficient and effective. Our robust technology platform provides data collection for subjects and sites, easy to build automation, a fully attributable audit trail, and extended capabilities with modules to meet sponsor study requirements.