Webinar: How to Build EDC Databases That Both Builders and Users Will Love

By Editorial Team on June 4, 2024

EDC database layouts were often an afterthought for data managers, but they proved to be crucial for user experience and data quality. In a recent webinar, we interviewed Dr. Oliver Wolf, a clinical consultant and database builder who specializes in creating intuitive EDC designs.

Dr. Wolf shared valuable insights on several key topics:

  • Why layout and design are just as vital as functionality
  • Best practices for building user-friendly EDC interfaces
  • Bridging the gap between what builders can do and what users want
  • Tips for leveraging EDC tools to achieve desirable layouts

The webinar recording is now available, providing an opportunity to learn how to develop EDC databases that satisfy both builders and end-users. Dr. Wolf’s expertise shed light on the often overlooked but essential aspect of thoughtful EDC layout and design.

Through real-world examples and practical advice, he demonstrated how prioritizing user experience from the start can lead to more efficient data collection and higher data quality. Don’t miss out on these invaluable insights for optimizing your EDC databases.