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By Editorial Team on February 9, 2021

Looking for an EDC vendor who can be flexible and adapt to your needs rather than forcing you into a cookie-cutter study model? Prelude Dynamics has a solid reputation for being a trusted thought partner – providing custom solutions when the out-of-the-box solution is “almost, but not quite” what is needed for a particular protocol.

We are frequently asked to think “outside the box” and build something new and unique to support our clients and users. These customizations make life easy for clinicians and study managers and can even be done as mid-study updates when new requirements arise during study conduct. Chances are that enhancements requested by one user will also be appreciated by others.

Whether you are conducting a GCP or GLP study, we are here to help you collect and aggregate data in ways that make sense for your unique study – enhancing comprehension and streamlining procedures. Here are a few examples of enhancements and capabilities we have developed in cooperation with our sponsors/CROs in the recent past.

ePRO App – This app helps subjects and pet parents complete forms and surveys remotely and contemporaneously. Not only does this facilitate remote trial participation, it increases data integrity by providing a full audit trail and eliminating the need to transcribe paper forms. The app even supports Visual Analogue Scales that use images as axis labels. How intuitive is that?

Trial/Site Management – Sponsors/CROs who manage multiple studies have some challenges relating to tracking study startup, site recruitment and meeting enrollment goals. Imagine being able to set up custom checklists and track their completion visually and intuitively. Having a database that contains site credentials, past performance and includes past performance metrics helps get new studies up and running effectively and efficiently.

Custom Summaries – While Prelude EDC provides standard summaries such as Enrollment and Form Status, more tailored summaries are often invaluable aids for capturing and summarizing study-specific trends and end points. With custom summaries, there is no need to export data to Excel (or a similar tool) for analysis. Users can access this information directly from within the data collection platform – and be assured they are seeing current data. Personnel summaries can be used to manage and track site clinicians.

Bulk Data Entry – Nobody likes re-entering data that exists in another system or platform. Prelude has worked with our Sponsors/CROs to create configurable upload capabilities that allow spreadsheets of information to be used for task such as:

  • User account creation
  • Site creation
  • Lab results (uploaded for the project and “pushed” to individual subjects)

Do you have an idea for a customization or enhancement that would help you conduct and manage your clinical trial? Reach out and tell us what you need. We stand ready and willing to go the extra mile!

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