The Future of EDC is Here!

By Tommy Jackson on October 19, 2017

Last month we attended SCDM Annual Conference to present a panel on “Cleaner Data Faster: Leveraging EDC/CTMS in Global Studies”, we also attended a session on the “Future of EDC”.

The session began with a discussion surrounding eConsent, eSource and ePRO as the future of EDC, the next frontier of eClinical solutions. We were over the moon! We could barely contain our excitement. With Prelude EDC, the future is already here! As many of you know, Prelude EDC has been collecting eSource documents for over a decade! Some of you have taken advantage of having patients log into our system for nearly as long. While we have not called it specifically eConsent and ePRO, the functionality of allowing patients to enter their own data, access their consent form and sign it electronically has been a refined capability of Prelude EDC for a very long time.

The session also discussed wearable devices and having the ability for an mobile device to input information directly into our system. You might already know that we have direct lab interfaces with IDEXX Labs and Marshfield Labs US and continue to work in partnership with other labs to integrate systems. Prelude EDC also seamlessly pairs with RFID and barcode readers. Prelude EDC’s technological flexibility allows us to develop an efficient interface with just about any external device or wearable and collect data necessary for your project.

Finally, they discussed advance computer learning and virtual and augmented reality. Much of the advance computer learning is still human driven, i.e. someone has to think about what is important for the computer to focus on and what the computer should do when it identifies that pattern. The reality is that humans are still figuring that out. The same goes for virtual and augmented reality, even the speakers were not sure exactly what that might look like or how it might be applied. We can assure you that we are constantly listening to what your needs and the needs of the industry are and continuously develop functionality to streamline your operations.

Most recently statistics, graphing and a dashboard were added to our Prelude EDC product line, just to name a few. These are updated instantaneously as new data is available. We feel that this is the first step towards providing you with advanced computer learning and currently all that can be done until someone is able to verbalize what else is needed; the panel did not provide details.

In conclusion, the future of EDC is here. It is called Prelude EDC. It is in your hands. Whether you contract our Premium package or choose to use our build it yourself Study Builder tool, you have access today to the future of EDC and it’s never looked so bright!

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