Success Story: Prelude EDC Enabling Innovative Animal Health Research for Loyal

By Editorial Team on May 22, 2024


Loyal, a dedicated team focused on improving the health and longevity of dogs worldwide, was seeking an Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system to collect data on their clinical study phase drugs intended to help dogs live longer and stay healthier as they age. In their quest to find the right EDC solution, Loyal sought recommendations from industry peers and experts who led them to Prelude, the leading EDC in animal health with tools tailored to their animal health studies.  


Upon selecting Prelude EDC as their data management solution, Loyal found a comprehensive platform that met their data collection requirements. These requirements included scalability, subject and site level data management, separate databases (one for testing and training and another for live data), and central monitoring. Prelude EDC’s customizable and scalable nature allowed Loyal to tailor the platform to their unique study protocols and even add their unique brand personality to the study database. This flexibility enabled them to efficiently capture and manage data related to canine drug development projects. Additionally, Prelude EDC’s intuitive interface and dedicated support facilitated quick adoption by Loyal’s team, ensuring seamless integration into their research workflows. As a result, Loyal effectively leveraged Prelude EDC to streamline their data collection processes and achieve their research objectives with precision. 

“We have pushed the limits, and then we push them again.”

Laurel, Clinical Development Project Manager

Results and benefits of the new system:

The impact of Prelude’s products on Loyal’s success has been profound. The customizable functionality provided by Prelude has allowed the Loyal team to go beyond the intended use of the EDC, such as configuring CTMS capabilities, resulting in positive feedback from various veterinary clinics, even those previously unfamiliar with the platform.  

Other benefits:  

  • The user-friendly interface and innovative features have led to quick training and increased efficiency, saving Loyal time and money. 
  • The Loyal team appreciates Prelude’s straightforward study builder, exceptional support, and ease of customization.  
  • Quick implementation of feedback, coupled with the ability to navigate complex studies easily, has made Prelude a standout tool in their research. 

For those considering Prelude, the advice from Loyal is simple – “don’t hesitate, just do it.” The platform’s ability to support innovative thinking and the unique needs of animal health research sets Prelude apart as a valuable asset for any research team in the industry. 

“Sites were universal fans when asked ‘Which EDC are we using?’ They are relieved to hear that they will be using Prelude.”

Ellen, Clinical Development Director

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