Survey Says: Sites Prefer Prelude EDC

By Editorial Team on March 2, 2022

We recently surveyed a group of current Prelude EDC users and were happy (but not surprised) with the results. Prelude Dynamics continually strives to improve our user’s experience, and it looks like our efforts have paid off.

  • 100% of those surveyed indicated they would be glad to use Prelude EDC for the next clinical trial they participated in.
  • 93% responded that they found the system intuitive and easy-to-use.

Here’s a sampling of comments from survey respondents:

I love this system!

I would chose Prelude EDC over ****** every time. I like that you can continue to add to a form without un-approving it. I also like the fact that you can see all forms’ “status” from the main screen.

Best EDC available for clinical studies.

I just spent 4 hours working on ******. Prelude is AWESOME!
Each version of Prelude seems better than the previous version. Keep up the good work.
We prefer it.

Prelude EDC is hands-down the most user friendly system available.

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