Seamlessly Integrate IDEXX US Lab Results

By Editorial Team on February 16, 2023

Prelude Integrations: IDEXX Labs

Studies run on data. Lab result data are often key pieces of information you don’t want to get wrong. So, how do you run a study and eliminate the error-prone, laborious task of manually keying in lab results, thereby avoiding transcription mistakes in critical study data? You find an electronic data capture (EDC) system that seamlessly integrates lab results with your study database. Prelude’s platform is the only EDC that provides an electronic interface with IDEXX BioAnalytics US labs, a global leader in animal healthcare innovation, offering a comprehensive menu of diagnostic tests for small animals, as well as production animals. How do Prelude’s and IDEXX US’s systems work together? Let’s break it down – from beginning to end: 

Initial Configuration 

  • Contract with IDEXX US to run your study diagnostic tests. 
  • Within Prelude EDC, specify which tests and panels are needed for each visit, including unscheduled visits.  
  • Set up notifications so that your team members are electronically notified when lab results are posted. 
  • Then simply include our pre-built, provided lab forms in your subject visit forms. 

Your study is live – up and running – and your sites are enrolling subjects. What happens next? 

Sample Collection & Processing 

  • Prelude EDC will generate a unique sample ID for each lab form. An on-site user will complete and print the Prelude lab submission form during the subject’s visit, package it with the subject’s samples, and ship the package off to IDEXX.  
  • A tracking number can be entered on the lab form, which notifies IDEXX that the sample has been sent. This number is also available to check the shipping status. 
  • IDEXX runs the prescribed diagnostic tests and the results – associated with the given Prelude EDC sample ID – are posted into their laboratory information management system (LIMS), and with the magic of technology… 

Results & Review 

  • Results are posted to Prelude EDC directly into the subject’s visit lab form. No human intervention required!  
  • And an email notification is sent to your team members alerting them that results were posted. 
  • Data points are automatically flagged normal or out-of-range. 
  • Now, a clinician can assess the results, indicating whether out-of-range results are clinically significant or not. 

Reports & Exports 

  • And of course, as with all study data, lab result reports and exports are always available. 

Want to preserve the data integrity of lab results? Ask us how to begin. 

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