Prelude EDC statistics and graphing functionality displayed on tablet

Prelude Dynamics Now Has Integrated Statistics And Graphing Functionality


Prelude announces its new, integrated statistics and graphing functionality in Prelude EDC. With the statistics and graphing module, any field…

Printed enrollment graphs and tables

Customization Enrollment Graphs And Tables


Challenge Clients challenged Prelude Dynamics to develop customizable enrollment graphs and tables in order to quickly reflect current enrollment rates…

Person typing on laptop and using autocomplete text fields

Reducing Qualitative Data Analysis Through Autocomplete Text Fields


Background One of the difficulties in doing research that occurs during the data analysis phase is how to analyze open…

Monitor at a clinical trial site before utilizing remote monitoring

Prelude EDC Enables Remote Monitoring


Background One of the most critical roles in clinical studies is monitoring. Monitoring to ensure that the data is collected…

Tools on a table to represent Prelude's DIY Study Builder solution

Prelude Launches Study Builder, a DIY Solution That Puts The Study Build In Your Hands


Prelude Dynamics announces Study Builder, a new solution that puts EDC development into the hands of the clinical trial community…

Vet and cat at clinic during surgical study

Handling a Surgical Study with Repeated Observation Times


Challenge While collecting repeated observations of animals using a standardize scale is not in itself a challenge, allowing access to…

Laboratory test tubes at IDEXX and Marshfield Labs

Prelude Enhances Automated IDEXX and Marshfield Lab Data Representations to Include Both Tabular and Non-Tabular Formats


Data managers and Biostatisticians now have a choice when exporting lab data in studies that use IDEXX and Marshfield labs…

Colleagues looking at laptop to use Prelude feedback tool during clinical trial

Prelude EDC Feedback Tool Has Been Enhanced to Support Client Approval and Testing Documentation


Prelude announced today that its feedback tool has been enhanced. Clients use Prelude EDC’s feedback tool during the study build…

Man in clinical trials lab rating subjects using computer

Improving Inter-Rater Reliability


Challenge When multiple raters will be used to assess the condition of a subject, it is important to improve inter-rater…

Person getting a vaccine injection during clinical trial

Vaccines – Tracking Multiple Doses


Challenge Vaccine dosing studies usually require information to be entered with high accuracy in a short amount of time. Blood…

Doctor talking to a patient about using a Prelude EDC VAS scale on a tablet

Capturing Subject Scales


Challenge Collecting data entered on a Visual Analog Scale (VAS) using paper is always subject to data measurement and entry…

Doctor giving two different pills to randomized treatment client in clinic



Challenge Ensuring that patients are appropriately randomized to the correct treatment group is a critical factor for all clinical studies….

Doctor talking to clinical trial patient at a site using enhanced study filters

Prelude EDC Filters Have Been Enhanced to Allow Definition of Study-Wide Patient and Site Filters


Prelude Dynamics announced today that the study filters have been enhanced. This enhancement allows study management staff to develop both…

Carpenter in workshop to represent DIY Study Builder feature within Prelude EDC

Prelude Announces New Initiative to Create a “Study Builder” Build-it-Yourself Study Definition Feature Within Prelude EDC


Prelude is constantly listening to its client’s needs and desired because we are dedicated to improving the clinical trial workflow,…

Doctor looking at study protocol documents

Protocol And Version Control Module


Managing the study throughout its lifecycle is critical. Ensuring that everyone involved in the study has access to the latest…