Prelude Registry Featured on Animal Planet

By Editorial Team on April 6, 2020

We were excited to see that the Great Ape Heart Project (GAHP) was featured in an episode of Animal Planet’s “The Zoo – San Diego”!

Cardiovascular disease has long been recognized as an issue for Great Apes, and the GAHP registry is used to record and monitor the cardiovascular health of Great Apes in zoos, parks and preserves around the world. Prelude Dynamics is the proud provider of the EDC database used for this valuable repository, which provides an ever-growing set of normals that are used to compare animals in the wild with those in managed care. This information helps animal health care professionals better understand the underlying causes (such as genetics, diet and stress) that contribute to cardiovascular disease in these magnificent creatures.

The episode follows a Western Gorilla, Mandazzi, whose sire passed away from complications associated with heart disease. Because of this relationship, a full cardiovascular exam for Mandazzi is performed in addition to his routine physical exam. Ultrasound images of his father’s heart stored in the GAHP EDC were compared to those of Mandazzi. Great News! Mandazzi did not exhibit any of the symptoms that were present for his father.

Interesting Facts. Human ultrasound sonographers can capture images for Great Apes since the procedures used are very similar. Not only that, Great Apes can be trained to participate in their own ultrasound exams. But they don’t like the gel!

To find out more information about the GAHP project, click here. You can also view the full “The Zoo – San Diego” episode here.

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