Prelude Dynamics Releases New ePRO Mobile Application

By Tommy Jackson on July 31, 2019

Prelude Dynamics, LLC, has announced the release of their new ePRO mobile application. This application enables patients to input data directly into the electronic data capture (EDC) system on their phone for a simpler and more efficient clinical trial experience.

Traditionally, personnel have had to expend a great deal of effort to get patients to follow through with their part in trials. It is difficult for patients and other infrequent users to navigate EDC systems as they can be complex and difficult to use without proper training. The extra effort it takes to follow up with these kinds of users has translated into higher costs for sponsors and monitors. Prelude’s renowned EDC platform is one of the most intuitive and user-friendly systems for electronic data-capture on the market today.

Prelude continues to develop products like the ePro mobile application that will make their clients’ clinical trials more efficient than ever. Patients and pet owners participating in clinical trials can now navigate the Prelude EDC software with more ease and reliability, and the costs for trials are projected to go down as Prelude continues to enhance this new capability.

As the developers of Prelude EDC, the #1 EDC software system in Animal Health, Prelude Dynamics has made sure that animal owners and human patients involved in clinical trials will benefit from this new streamlined process. Tommy Jackson, COO at Prelude Dynamics states,

“ePRO captures real-world study data straight from the source. Built on Prelude’s world-class integrated EDC platform, this new app will enhance the experience for all parties involved in the trial process.”

ePRO features many of the benefits of the Prelude EDC online system in one, easy-to-use mobile application for patients and pet owners who are on the go. Features include:

  • Mobile patient-entry
  • Scheduled survey forms
  • Push notifications
  • Media-upload capabilities
  • Complete audit-trail functionality
  • eConsent capabilities

Prelude Dynamics continues to work diligently to make the clinical trial process as smooth as possible for their clients because they understand the importance of efficiency and user-friendly technology in the data-capture and data-management industries.

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