Prelude Dynamics Publishes Client Case Study Featuring Great Ape Heart Project

By Tommy Jackson on March 23, 2015

Prelude Dynamics, a global provider of web-based software systems for data collection, analysis and management, announced today the publication of a new case study featuring the Great Ape Heart Project (GAHP) based at Zoo Atlanta. The case study details the challenges GAHP faced in their quest to understand the underlying causes of heart disease in great apes and identify disease patterns across a global population of apes.

GAHP addresses a critical need within the zoo community to investigate and understand cardiovascular disease in great apes. A main GAHP goal is a centralized database that aids in the analysis of cardiac data and coordination of cardiac-related research, while improving communication among institutions where apes are cared for and housed around the globe.

Prelude Dynamics was selected to build the GAHP cardiac health registry to meet the challenge of collecting and coordinating world-wide data and to fulfill the need for a viable technology-based solution. Already known for an established EDC system, Prelude EDC, and exceptional service and support in the animal health industry, Prelude was the obvious best candidate.

“Prelude had a deeper understanding of our needs than other companies that have not dealt with zoos or the veterinary community,” said Dr. Marietta Dindo Danforth, GAHP’s Project & Database Manager. Danforth went on to share, “The most immediate and valuable solution that Prelude EDC provides us is the ability to […] access our complete cardiac medical records from any place at any time…”

For more information about the Great Ape Heart Project based at Zoo Atlanta and their decision to use Prelude Dynamics; Prelude EDC as their online registry, read the case study today: Great Ape Heart Project Case Study

About Prelude Dynamics

Prelude Dynamics is an industry leader at providing innovative software-as-a-service technology solutions for clinical trials across the globe. The company’s flagship product, Prelude EDC, offers secure and configurable data capture and information awareness tools for the advancement of human and animal health, compliant with FDA/CVM and EMEA regulations. Prelude EDC facilitates real-time data collection, querying, cleaning, reporting, and analysis all based on the needs of the researchers. The company was established in 2003 with a goal to speed the study process, improve data quality, and facilitate easy data entry through automation.

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