Prelude Dynamics Announces Its New Patient Event Feature

By Tommy Jackson on March 6, 2017

Prelude Dynamics announces the addition of a new feature to its Premier Clinical Trial Optimization Platform, Prelude EDC. The new feature allows users to view the next event for all patients on the patient dashboard. The patient list can be sorted by date so both sites and monitors can quickly see which patients have upcoming events by date or by event visit number to see how patients have progressed through the visits. Once patients have completed the study or been removed, their next event shows up as “finished’ with a date of n/a. This makes it easy for everyone to know what patients and events to expect next. This enhancement is a result of Prelude’s culture or constantly listening to client’s needs and providing features that streamline every day tasks to make them more efficient saving the client both time and money.

Prelude who originally set out to create a world class clinical studies electronic data capture system (EDC) more than a decade ago, is now transforming the efficiency of studies. Prelude is going beyond EDC with its Clinical Trial Optimization Platform (CTOP) integrating useful features such as inventory management, automatic reordering, invoicing, integrated dictionaries, computer to computer lab data transfer, document management and much more. Prelude Dynamics is also the only provided of a full-custom solution and a do-it-yourself version. Prelude is dedicated to helping you optimize your study logistics and operations.

Prelude Dynamics is an industry leader at providing innovative software-as-a-service technology solutions for clinical trials across the globe. The company’s flagship product, Prelude EDC, offers secure and configurable data capture and information awareness tools for the advancement of human and animal health, compliant with FDA/CVM and EMEA regulations. Prelude EDC facilitates real-time data collection, querying, cleaning, reporting, and analysis all based on the needs of the researchers. The company was established in 2003 with a goal to speed the study process, improve data quality, and facilitate easy data entry through automation.

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