Prelude EDC Tips & Tricks: Layering Searches & Reports

By Editorial Team on November 7, 2017

Do you want to view only those Subjects who have been randomized?  Do you also want to only view those Subjects who are of a certain age? The Prelude EDC Search function is a great way to filter data during your study and multiple searches can be applied to your data! Additionally, Reports can be run on top of applied searches (or already filtered data).

You can navigate to the list of study Subjects and click on the “Search Subjects” button. Any form and field you have access to will appear in the drop-down list to be selected. You can set up as many search criteria as needed, keeping in mind that the criteria must all be met for the search to return any results. You have the option to search for Subjects that meet all criteria by using the “And” radio option. Alternatively you can find Subjects that meet at least one of the criterion by selecting the “Or” radio option.

Figure 1. Displays the Search user interface.  You can add as many search criteria as needed using the drop down selections.  Please note you can also select whether the criteria should work as an “And” or an “Or.”  (And = the results must meet ALL the criteria listed; Or = the results must meet at least one of the criterion.)

Upon clicking the “Apply” button at the bottom of the Search Subjects page, the results, if any, will populate on the Subject list page. Once that search has been applied, go back to Search Subjects and add a new Search and enter new criteria. Click “Apply” again to apply the new criteria on top of the previously applied search, further filtering the Subject population. The layering of searches will always operate as an “or”, meaning that results will be returned if it meets Search 1’s criteria OR Search 2’s criteria.

Any applied Search or Searches can also be layered with Reports. After applying your search(es), click on Reports. The Report results will only display those Subjects that were part of the Search results. Questions? For more information on this and other EDC & CTMS solutions please contact us.

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