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We believe that with the right partnership and the right tools, we can revolutionize how you research and help patients. Prelude EDC is the leader in eClinical trial software for pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device animal health companies.

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Electronic Data Capture (EDC) is a method of collecting data electronically instead of using paper. The process allows businesses to collect, manage and analyze data faster than ever before. This can help companies save time and money while improving the quality of their products and services.

Partnered with Leaders in the Animal Health Industry

Extensive Species Experience

Vast Background in Therapeutic Areas

  • Allergies​
  • Appetite stimuli​
  • Artificial insemination​
  • Bioequivalence
  • Cardiology​
  • Castration & Ovariohysterectomy​
  • Dermatology
  • Drug efficacy​
  • Drug sensitivity
  • Endocrinology​
  • Epilepsy​
  • Feed
  • Gastroenterology​
  • Hematology
  • Infectious Diseases​​
  • Infertility​
  • Mastitis
  • Nephrology​
  • Neurology​
  • Oncology​
  • Orthopedics​
  • Otitis​
  • Parasites​
  • Pet food​
  • Post-operative pain​
  • Pulmonology​
  • Sedation​
  • Urology​
  • and more…