Prelude is exhibiting at the 7th Global QA Conference

We’re excited to announce that Prelude will be exhibiting at the 7th Global QA Conference and 39th SQA Annual Meeting this year! Our very own, Ann-Marie Kiser, will also be presenting.

As a leading clinical data management provider, we understand the critical role of compliance and quality assurance in clinical trials. Join us at the conference to learn more about how Prelude can help you achieve greater compliance and streamline your clinical trial processes.

Stop by our booth

Prelude is thrilled to be exhibiting at this year’s conference. Come by our booth to learn more about how Prelude can help you meet your regulatory obligations with ease. We can’t wait to meet you!

What to expect:

  • Learn more about how Prelude EDC supports Quality Assurance
  • Engage in live demos of Prelude EDC
  • Participate in our Airpod Pro Raffle!

Prelude’s Ann-Marie Kiser will be presenting

Information Security for the Auditor and How to Audit for Data Integrity

We are proud to announce that Ann-Marie Kiser, a distinguished member of the Prelude team, will be presenting for SQA’s CVIC (Computer Validation and Information Technology Compliance) Specialty Section.

The presentation will be given jointly by the Audits and Vendor Assessments (AVA) Sub-Committee and the Data Integrity and Governance (DIG) Sub-Committee. Ann-Marie will be representing the Data Integrity and Governance Sub-Committee.

Ensure Compliance with Prelude EDC


Time Saved
Collecting Data


Fewer Transcription


Time Saved in
Performing QA


Regulatory Review
Time Reduction

What is an EDC?

Revolutionizing Data Management in Clinical Trials

Electronic Data Capture (EDC) is a method of collecting data electronically instead of using paper. The process allows businesses to collect, manage, QA, and analyze data faster than ever before. This can help companies save time and money while improving the quality of their products and services.

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