Exciting Updates to the Prelude EDC DIY Study Builder!

By Editorial Team on January 12, 2021

The Prelude EDC 10.8 maintenance release is now available and is being rolled out to live studies. This release includes some much-anticipated enhancements, which were developed to facilitate the experience of both study builders and end users. Let’s look at a few of these in more detail! 

  • Use of images instead of textual labels
  • IDEXX Labs – configure specific tests for study visit days
  • Calculation copy feature
  • Set calculation priority using Drag and Drop
  • Data encryption at rest

Use of Images Instead of Textual Labels

Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Prelude EDC now supports the ability to use images to describe data entry fields. End users find images easier to relate to and understand than text, which means they can enter data more efficiently and correctly. These images can also be used in Prelude EDC’s ePRO app.

Images on VAS scales are more intuitive than words or numbers.

IDEXX Study Visit Lab Configuration

Now you can easily configure the lab tests for each study visit using an intuitive interface. This reduces training requirements for sites and increases protocol compliance.

Calculation Copy Feature

When specifying calculations for a particular eCRF, it is common to have a set of operations that behave in a similar fashion. Instead of building each calculation from scratch, users can now simply copy an existing calculation and then modify it as needed. This significantly streamlines the time required to program eCRF calculations and increases usability.

Set Calculation Priority Using Drag and Drop.

Until recently, calculation priorities were set using an explicit numeric value. Now users can set an “Auto-Prioritization” attribute – which allows calculation priorities to be set to the order the calculation cards are displayed in. This feature helps form builders gain a quicker and more intuitive understanding of the logic used in form calculations.

Data Encryption at Rest

All data in the Prelude EDC database is encrypted in transit (e.g., over the internet). It’s now possible to specify that data be encrypted at rest – offering an extra level of security for Protected Health Information.

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