Woman in white code looking at audit trail on laptop

Field-by-Field Audit Trail – Adopt Early or Not?


So, how does it work? And how is it different from the standard form-based audit trail? Typically, the audit trail…

Green computer motherboard representing AI technology for monitors

Prelude EDC Incorporates AI Technology for Monitors


Study Monitors have a lot on their plates. While Prelude EDC’s automated data cleaning capabilities make their jobs easier, we…

Laptop showing reports for clinical monitoring

Best Practices for Remote Clinical Monitoring 


What does it mean to conduct effective remote clinical monitoring? It’s critical to be using an EDC in order to…

Man sketching eCRF design on a whiteboard

How NOT to Design eCRFs


There are so many ways to design electronic CRFs. Perhaps by looking at how NOT to design them, we can…

Person choosing document in a folder to symbolize Prelude EDC online document manager

How Can Document Management Simplify Your Study?


Streamline data-capture by using Vision’s built-in documents manager. You can keep all of your data and communications in one, easy-to-navigate…

Medical professional using EDC on a computer to save time

Six Ways an Electronic Data Capture System Saves Time


An EDC improves efficiency and reliability while conducting clinical research. Here are some ways it does that: 1. Efficient Communication…

Two medical professionals with different roles in a lab

Managing Role Permissions; Tailoring User Rights for Every Unique Study Design


One of the most important aspects of the clinical trial process is making sure that the right people have the…

Person on laptop monitoring study on Prelude EDC dashboard

Prelude EDC Dashboard: The Future of Study Monitoring is Here


With the newest advancement of Prelude EDC’s Dashboard tool, monitoring your study or trial has never been easier or more…

Two women with laptop talking about utilizing Prelude EDC summaries

Prelude EDC Tips & Tricks: Utilizing Summaries


Did you know that each Prelude EDC study comes with a set of standard Summaries? They aggregate Subject and Site-level…

Search engine screen

Prelude EDC Tips & Tricks: Layering Searches & Reports


Do you want to view only those Subjects who have been randomized?  Do you also want to only view those…

Doctor viewing subject form states on laptop

Prelude EDC Tips & Tricks: Viewing Subject Form State Details


Do you know you can view a Subject’s (or Site’s) forms and their status (aka. Form state) at a glance?…

Magnifying glass on top of printed on-demand form report document

Prelude EDC Tips & Tricks: Running Reports on On-Demand Forms


Ever wonder how to run reports for *on-demand forms? Wonder no longer! Navigate to the Subject List Page (or Site…

Picture of tools to represent Traditional Clinical Trial Management Systems

Are You Taking Advantage of Prelude EDC’s CTMS?


Traditional Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS) are separately purchased tools that include a variety of features to help keep track…

Person using bills, documents, and calculator to complete clinical trial budget

Manage Your Clinical Research Budget and Timelines More Effectively with CTOP


Using a Clinical Trial Optimization Platform (CTOP) provides all the benefits of the best Electronic Data Capture (EDC) technologies while…

Prelude EDC statistics and graphing functionality displayed on tablet

Prelude Dynamics Now Has Integrated Statistics And Graphing Functionality


Prelude announces its new, integrated statistics and graphing functionality in Prelude EDC. With the statistics and graphing module, any field…