Woman coding custom eClinical trials solution on multiple monitors

Thinking Outside of the Box – Your eClinical Technology Partner


Looking for an EDC vendor who can be flexible and adapt to your needs rather than forcing you into a…

Computer screen with code for new Prelude EDC advancements

Exciting Updates to the Prelude EDC DIY Study Builder!


The Prelude EDC 10.8 maintenance release is now available and is being rolled out to live studies. This release includes…

IDEXX Bioanalytics logo

Prelude EDC + IDEXX Labs – A Powerful Partnership


Prelude Dynamics’ platform is the only EDC that provides an electronic interface with IDEXX labs – making Prelude EDC the…

Green computer motherboard representing AI technology for monitors

Prelude EDC Incorporates AI Technology for Monitors


Study Monitors have a lot on their plates. While Prelude EDC’s automated data cleaning capabilities make their jobs easier, we…

Woman looking at integrated invoice shown on computer screen

Prelude EDC’s Invoicing Incentivizes Sites


Integrated invoicing is a powerful mechanism for incentivizing site participation. It also eliminates extraneous trial management activities. What is it…

Businessman analyzing EDC report

Announcing Enhancements to Prelude EDC Reports!


Prelude Dynamics, LLC, has released some exciting new enhancements to the Prelude EDC Reports tool. This function of their Electronic…

Medical professional typing on computer and using Multiple Subject Data Entry

New EDC Feature for POC and Phase 1 studies


Prelude announces a new EDC feature that streamlines data entry for Proof of Concept (POC) or Phase 1 studies. Multiple…

Medical monitor inside a lab using Source Data Verification on a computer

Announcing Source Data Verification in Prelude EDC


Prelude Dynamics continues to enhance our EDC platform with crucial features requested by our clinical trial user community. The ability to perform Source Data…

Person participating in remote clinical trial on smartphone

How to Make the Most of Remote Trials During COVID-19


For years, technology’s detractors have bemoaned the loss of in-person interaction. While we admit this has been an issue on…

Woman smiling at laptop after batch edit checks have been applied

Mid-Study Updates: Where Can a Batch Edit Check Play a Part?


Have you ever worried about how a mid-study update to calculations or constraints might be implemented without affecting any previously…

Person choosing document in a folder to symbolize Prelude EDC online document manager

How Can Document Management Simplify Your Study?


Streamline data-capture by using Vision’s built-in documents manager. You can keep all of your data and communications in one, easy-to-navigate…

Two people pointing at dynamic drop-down menu on laptop

How Can the Dynamic Drop-Down Menu be Utilized in a Study?


            VISION’s user-friendly tools for customizing forms includes a handy tool known as the dynamic drop-down. This deceivingly simple field…

Medical professional using EDC on a computer to save time

Six Ways an Electronic Data Capture System Saves Time


An EDC improves efficiency and reliability while conducting clinical research. Here are some ways it does that: 1. Efficient Communication…

Code for Prelude software update shown on laptop

Prelude Dynamics Releases Latest VISION Software Upgrade


Prelude Dynamics Releases New Software Version: VISION 10.0 – Exceptional User Experience and Industry-Driven Enhancements  Prelude Dynamics, LLC, has recently…