People listening to a speaker at annual SQA meeting

Visit us at the 2022 Annual SQA Meeting!


Prelude Dynamics is proud to announce our participation in the 2022 Annual SQA Meeting. You can connect with us at…

Prelude EDC feedback survey shown on laptop screen

Survey Says: Sites Prefer Prelude EDC


We recently surveyed a group of current Prelude EDC users and were happy (but not surprised) with the results. Prelude…

Woman coding custom eClinical trials solution on multiple monitors

Thinking Outside of the Box – Your eClinical Technology Partner


Looking for an EDC vendor who can be flexible and adapt to your needs rather than forcing you into a…

Regulator signing piece of paper to approve clinical trial grant

Best Practices in Clinical Trial Application Grantsmanship


Applying for a clinical trial grant can sometimes feel like turning in a high school English paper. You could turn…

Prelude EDC software shown on different devices

CVM’s Remote Access Pilot Program


Center for Veterinary Medicine’s (CVM) Office of New Animal Drug Evaluation (ONADE) has launched an initiative that will greatly increase…

Laptop showing reports for clinical monitoring

Best Practices for Remote Clinical Monitoring 


What does it mean to conduct effective remote clinical monitoring? It’s critical to be using an EDC in order to…

Close of up gorilla in the Great Ape Heart Project

Prelude Registry Featured on Animal Planet


We were excited to see that the Great Ape Heart Project (GAHP) was featured in an episode of Animal Planet’s…

Man sketching eCRF design on a whiteboard

How NOT to Design eCRFs


There are so many ways to design electronic CRFs. Perhaps by looking at how NOT to design them, we can…

Woman smiling at laptop after batch edit checks have been applied

Mid-Study Updates: Where Can a Batch Edit Check Play a Part?


Have you ever worried about how a mid-study update to calculations or constraints might be implemented without affecting any previously…

Laboratory supplies ordered with inventory management system

Inventory Management & Automatic Reordering


Challenge It is challenging for working clinics to ensure sufficient inventory of treatment and control medications or supplies are available…

MRI images of the brain for head injury research conducted with Prelude EDC

Prelude EDC Clinical Trial Optimization Platform (CTOP) Instrumental in Conducting Head Injury Research in a Multi-Hospital Study


Prelude EDC Clinical Trial Optimization Platform (CTOP) instrumental in conducting head injury research in a multi-hospital study. This study enabled…

Two medical professionals entering data submissions on a laptop

Tips from CVM to Streamline Submissions


At the recent SQA Conference, we had an opportunity to meet with numerous representatives of the FDA Center for Veterinary…

Printed enrollment graphs and tables

Customization Enrollment Graphs And Tables


Challenge Clients challenged Prelude Dynamics to develop customizable enrollment graphs and tables in order to quickly reflect current enrollment rates…

Vet and cat at clinic during surgical study

Handling a Surgical Study with Repeated Observation Times


Challenge While collecting repeated observations of animals using a standardize scale is not in itself a challenge, allowing access to…

Man in clinical trials lab rating subjects using computer

Improving Inter-Rater Reliability


Challenge When multiple raters will be used to assess the condition of a subject, it is important to improve inter-rater…